My Investment Strategy

There are so many investment advisers out there that will consult you in one way or another. When talking to one keep in mind that although some of these people are legitimate others are out there to make some money as well. Sometimes them making money does not mean that you will make money as well. Even if you decide to meet an advisor you will have to have an investment strategy formulated in one way or another.

I developed a strategy that even though works wonders for me it just might not work for you at all. First things first. What I did is I took a part of my savings (just a small part ) and decide that this money I will invest. I decided that this money I don’t need and convinced myself that I won’t be needing this money at all. I don’t know if you have been to Las Vegas but allocating money for a game before you sit on the black jack table is similar to allocating money for an investment.

Even though I calculate the risks and take very careful steps I start by convincing myself that this money is gone and work towards getting it back with a return. This way I will have to work on getting my savings back. I don’t know, but this strategy helps me get in the right frame of mind.

One thing that most people I know seem to not understand is that the markets are complicated. It is ok to familiarize yourself with the markets and so on but it is not advised to go out and invest your money on your own. Think about it this way. The time you will spend to learn and master the markets wont always pay off that much. You might get lucky with your investments but chances are you wont. So you will make lets say 10-20%. Does that justify the time you spent? You are better off just working an extra job, saving more money and get someone who knows what they are doing help you with your investments.

To conclude, my investment strategy is: Get someone who knows what they are doing to help you with your investments, ideally an certified investment adviser.

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